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Distances from La Romana

Distances from La Romana to the largest cities and places in Dominican Republic. Have a closer look at the distances from La Romana to the largest places in Dominican Republic.

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Distances from La Romana to the largest places in Dominican Republic
Guaymate Guaymate1.6,22418 km 11 mishow
Ramon Santana Ramón Santana2.2,17525 km 16 mishow
San Rafael del Yuma San Rafael del Yuma3.5,28532 km 20 mishow
San Pedro de Macoris San Pedro de Macorís4.217,89934 km 21 mishow
Salvaleon de Higuey Salvaleón de Higüey5.123,78735 km 22 mishow
Santa Cruz de El Seibo Santa Cruz de El Seibo6.23,54738 km 24 mishow
Boca de Yuma Boca de Yuma7.1,99139 km 24 mishow
Otra Banda Otra Banda8.6,07141 km 26 mishow
Guayabo Dulce Guayabo Dulce9.3,89741 km 26 mishow
Hato Mayor del Rey Hato Mayor del Rey10.35,99948 km 30 mishow
Quisqueya Quisqueya11.17,69448 km 30 mishow
Mata Palacio Mata Palacio12.24949 km 30 mishow
Pedro Sanchez Pedro Sánchez13.1,62151 km 31 mishow
Los Llanos Los Llanos14.5,52959 km 37 mishow
Miches Miches15.9,27362 km 39 mishow
Punta Cana Punta Cana16.100,02362 km 39 mishow
El Puerto El Puerto17.3,27865 km 41 mishow
Boca Chica Boca Chica18.46,30066 km 41 mishow
El Valle El Valle19.5,66675 km 46 mishow
Bayaguana Bayaguana20.21,05579 km 49 mishow
Sabana de La Mar Sabana de La Mar21.13,97783 km 52 mishow
Samana Samaná22.11,43295 km 59 mishow
Monte Plata Monte Plata23.15,53295 km 59 mishow
Gonzalo Gonzalo24.2,027101 km 63 mishow
La Julia La Julia25.12,575102 km 63 mishow
Sabana Grande de Boya Sabana Grande de Boyá26.16,834104 km 65 mishow
Santo Domingo Santo Domingo27.2,201,941108 km 67 mishow
Santo Domingo Oeste Santo Domingo Oeste28.701,269109 km 68 mishow
El Carril El Carril29.2,643111 km 69 mishow
Sanchez Sánchez30.11,365112 km 70 mishow
Don Juan Don Juan31.2,396112 km 70 mishow
Bajos de Haina Bajos de Haina32.66,784112 km 70 mishow
Los Botados Los Botados33.4,054113 km 70 mishow
Majagual Majagual34.1,430114 km 71 mishow
Las Terrenas Las Terrenas35.7,713115 km 72 mishow
San Gregorio de Nigua San Gregorio de Nigua36.11,542117 km 73 mishow
Yamasa Yamasá37.11,595118 km 73 mishow
Agua Santa del Yuna Agua Santa del Yuna38.1,830119 km 74 mishow
San Cristobal San Cristóbal39.154,040119 km 74 mishow
Esperalvillo Esperalvillo40.5,445120 km 75 mishow
Cevicos Cevicos41.4,064124 km 77 mishow
Sabana Grande de Palenque Sabana Grande de Palenque42.4,809126 km 78 mishow
Arenoso Arenoso43.2,897126 km 78 mishow
Yaguate Yaguate44.5,610128 km 80 mishow
Villa Altagracia Villa Altagracia45.40,027129 km 80 mishow
Cambita Garabitos Cambita Garabitos46.13,382130 km 81 mishow
Villa Riva Villa Riva47.5,700130 km 81 mishow
Nizao Nizao48.6,530132 km 82 mishow
Pizarrete Pizarrete49.2,695133 km 83 mishow
El Factor El Factor50.7,014138 km 86 mishow

1 - 50 of 200 places
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