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Distances from Santo Domingo

Distances from Santo Domingo to the largest cities and places in Dominican Republic. Have a closer look at the distances from Santo Domingo to the largest places in Dominican Republic.

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Distances from Santo Domingo to the largest places in Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo Oeste Santo Domingo Oeste1.701,2691.2 km 0.8 mishow
La Julia La Julia2.12,5756.9 km 4.3 mishow
El Carril El Carril3.2,6437.0 km 4.4 mishow
Bajos de Haina Bajos de Haina4.66,78410.5 km 6.6 mishow
San Cristobal San Cristóbal5.154,04015.0 km 9.3 mishow
San Gregorio de Nigua San Gregorio de Nigua6.11,54216 km 10 mishow
Cambita Garabitos Cambita Garabitos7.13,38223 km 14 mishow
Los Botados Los Botados8.4,05426 km 16 mishow
Villa Altagracia Villa Altagracia9.40,02727 km 17 mishow
Yaguate Yaguate10.5,61027 km 17 mishow
Yamasa Yamasá11.11,59531 km 19 mishow
Sabana Grande de Palenque Sabana Grande de Palenque12.4,80931 km 19 mishow
El Cacao El Cacao13.1,99733 km 20 mishow
Pizarrete Pizarrete14.2,69534 km 21 mishow
Esperalvillo Esperalvillo15.5,44535 km 22 mishow
Nizao Nizao16.6,53037 km 23 mishow
Don Juan Don Juan17.2,39637 km 23 mishow
Monte Plata Monte Plata18.15,53240 km 25 mishow
Boca Chica Boca Chica19.46,30041 km 26 mishow
Paya Paya20.6,91642 km 26 mishow
Bani Baní21.66,70944 km 27 mishow
Bayaguana Bayaguana22.21,05547 km 29 mishow
Juan Adrian Juan Adrián23.1,37147 km 29 mishow
Piedra Blanca Piedra Blanca24.8,53152 km 32 mishow
Matanzas Matanzas25.4,12454 km 33 mishow
Sabana Grande de Boya Sabana Grande de Boyá26.16,83454 km 33 mishow
Los Llanos Los Llanos27.5,52954 km 33 mishow
San Jose de Ocoa San José de Ocoa28.21,14855 km 34 mishow
Gonzalo Gonzalo29.2,02756 km 35 mishow
Cevicos Cevicos30.4,06456 km 35 mishow
Quisqueya Quisqueya31.17,69462 km 38 mishow
Sabana Buey Sabana Buey32.2,26562 km 38 mishow
Majagual Majagual33.1,43062 km 39 mishow
El Puerto El Puerto34.3,27863 km 39 mishow
Cotui Cotuí35.41,64164 km 40 mishow
Bonao Bonao36.73,26966 km 41 mishow
Las Charcas Las Charcas37.4,72067 km 41 mishow
Palmar de Ocoa Palmar de Ocoa38.1,99767 km 42 mishow
Estebania Estebanía39.5,59169 km 43 mishow
San Pedro de Macoris San Pedro de Macorís40.217,89973 km 45 mishow
Mata Palacio Mata Palacio41.24973 km 45 mishow
Agua Santa del Yuna Agua Santa del Yuna42.1,83075 km 47 mishow
Hostos Hostos43.1,81376 km 47 mishow
Villa Riva Villa Riva44.5,70076 km 47 mishow
Guayabo Dulce Guayabo Dulce45.3,89776 km 47 mishow
Fantino Fantino46.10,02477 km 48 mishow
Pimentel Pimentel47.9,55077 km 48 mishow
Sabana del Puerto Sabana del Puerto48.1,22378 km 48 mishow
Arenoso Arenoso49.2,89778 km 48 mishow
Castillo Castillo50.6,32879 km 49 mishow

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